Championship Show Results Nov 2013

Saturday, 23rd November 2013

Best in Show: Bond’s Olibond Remember Me
Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex: Whitehead’s Charmwen Tri My Best for Ryallcourt
Reserve Dog CC: Reid’s Sh Ch Shanaz Sporran JW.  Reserve Bitch CC: Hackett’s Lindridge Cupcake
Best Puppy in Show and Best Minor Puppy in Show: Bentley’s Canigou Sun Tanned
Reserve Best Puppy In Show: Bunting’s Allert’s Knock Out
Best Veteran in Show: Hackett’s Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest

Best In Show November 2013
L-R Sh Ch Olibond Remember Me (DCC & BIS),
Charmwen Tri My Best For Ryallcourt (BCC & RBIS)
Best Puppy in Show November 2013
L-R Canigou Sun Tanned (BPB & BPIS,
Allert’s Knockout (BPD & RBPIS)
Best Veteran November 2013
L-R: Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest (BVD & BVIS),
Merryhaze Martini (BVB)


Judge: Barbara Critchley (Whipspan)

Judge’s Critique (PDF file)

AOC Puppy Dog (4,1)
1.  Goodall’s Kalispell Beaspoke
2.  Mason’s Sandlauga Jack Frost
3.  Hynd’s Scomar Magic Flute

AOC Novice Dog (4,1)

  1. Hackett’s Lindridge Smart Move
    2.  Mason’s Sandlauga Jack Frost
    3.  Sherlock’s Jayzander Hermes With Crimicar
    4.  Fawcett’s Jazander Zeus

AOC Graduate Dog
1.  Cox’s Suvern Softly Spoken
2.  Carpenter’s Lynwater Belgian Chocolate JW
3.  Cassidy’s Rojoys Little Star
4.  Wheatley’s Wilmerella Keep Dancing at Melandroy

AOC Open Dog (7,2)
1.  Reid’s Sh Ch Shanaz Sporran JW (Reserve CC)
2.  Platt’s Sh Ch Charbonnel Life ‘N’ Times
3.  Pretty’s Sh Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW
4.  Collins’ Candyke Lost Among The Stars JW
5.  Williams’ Sh Ch Manacas Here Comes The Sun For Wilmerella

Solid Colours

Solid Puppy Dog (2)
1.  Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Crest
2.  Brown & Crossley’s Atherbron Mister Trouble

Solid Novice Dog (4,1)
1.  Share-Jones’ Sharemead Golden Shred
2. Robertson’s Kastrian Distraction
3. Stack’s Glentree Caravaggio

Solid Graduate Dog (7,2)
1.  Holmes’ Kenan Kumon JW
2.  Marris-Bray’s Weirdene Wizardry At Helenwood
3.  Brookes’ Kyrenia Loch Keeper
4.  Pickford’s Swanmarch You Rock My World
5.  Pheasant’s Molkara Druid’s Quest At Chamerl
Solid Open Dog (6,2)
1.  Ellison’s Withiflor Northern Light JW
2.  Young’s Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Illusion JW
3.  Pretty’s Tottenkopf War Games at Joaldy JW ShCM
4.  Lee and Hall’s Evaroc Black ‘N’ Nice

Any Colour

Veteran Dog (7,1)
1.  Hackett’s Lindridge Star Quest
2.  Williams’ SU Ch/Ir Sh Ch Manacas Cutting Corners
3.  Pop’s SV Ch Manacas high On the Hogg ShCM
4.  Dewhurst’s Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel
5.  Cook’s Wingate Spinning Star Over Springstein

Minor Puppy Dog (8,1)
1.  Bunting’s Alerts Knock Out (BPD, RBPIS)
2.  Lill’s Rosbercon Wild Cocoa
3.  Babester’s A Qui-Gon Ebony Empire at Kalispell (Imp Pol)
4.  Pop’s Manacas ideas For Life With Bocablue
5.  Mason’s Sandlauga Jack Frost
Puppy Dog (2)
1.  Telford’s Courtmaster Mambo Magic
2.  Goodall’s Kalispell Beaspoke
3.  Kettle’s Lujesa Chicharito
4.  Crossley and Brown’s Atherbron Mister trouble
5.  Walsh’s Blueacres Heart of Gold

Junior Dog (3)
1.  Mitchell’s Glowhill Silver Spur
2.  Marris-Bray’s Helenwood Integrity
3.  Jarman’s Acquelin Double Fara Flare
4.  Sherlock’s Jayzander hermes With Crimicar
5.  Stack’s Glentree Caravaggio

Yearling Dog (6,3)
1.  Jones and Simmonds’ Shenmore Still Smiling
2. Morris’ Riondel Manhattan Transfer
3.  West’s Sheigra Stargazer JW
4.  Share- Jones Sharemead Golden Shred
5.  Lee and Hall’s Evaroc Black ‘N’ Nice

Maiden Dog (1)
1 Milburn’s Moonwood over To You Brynceri

Tyro Dog (5)
1.  Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Dreamer
2.  Whiting’s Annilann Mister Gooddeal
3.  Pop’s Manacas Some Might Say at Bocablue
4.  Walsh’s Blueacre Rocky Road
5. Sherlock’s Jayzander Blue Moonlight at Crimicar

Undergraduate Dog
1.  Lee and Hall’s Evaroc Black ‘N’ Nice
2.  Burnet’s Charmwen Midnight Cowboy
3.  Walsh’s Blueacre Rocky Road

Graduate Dog
1.  Cassidy’s Rojoys Little Star

Post Graduate Dog (9,2)
1.  Thomas’ Claramand Code Red
2.  Ellison’s Withiflor Blulaw
3.  Share-Jones Sharemead the Sultan
4.  Mason’s Sandlauga Let’s Get Rocked
5.  Worgan’s Luthame Mr Bond

Mid Limit Dog (7,3)
1.  Shinkfield and Lester’s Quettadene Cosmopolitan JW ShCM
2.  Gladman’s Chativore Steel Symphony
3.  Flower’s Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragon
4.  Stapley’s Staplehill Song Writer

Limit Dog (8,1)
1.  Todd’s Craigdean Handy Andy
2.  Brookes’ Kyrenia Myosotis Memories
3.  Marris-Bray’s Helenwood Black Ice
4.  Shapland’s Deracor Dark Legend
5.  Gladman’c Chativore Stargazer
Open Dog (4, 1)
1.  Bond’s Olibond Remember Me JW (CC, BIS)
2.  Reader’s Kaniboo Midnight Diamond Sh CM
3.  Brookes’ Kyrenia Myosotis Memories
4.  Share- Jones’ Sharemead The Sultan
5.  Stapeley’s Staplehill Swingtime


Judge: Sue Warrington (Zakova)

Judge’s Critique (PDF file)

Solid Colours

Solid Puppy (7,1)
1.  Bentley’s Canigou Sun Tanned (BPB and BPIS)
2. Needham’s Merryhaze that’s Jazz
3. Taylor’s Kentredecim Savannah For Triveka
4. Kavanagh-Bromley’s Cachel Just Because
5. Lockwood’s Lujesa Sofia To Chimewood

Solid Novice Bitch (5,2)
1.  Palmer’s Glentree Shakadi Robraine
2.  Corcorran’s Sheigra Twinkling Star At Troverothway
3.  Simpson’s Evaremoc Dark Diamond

Solid Graduate Bitch (5,1)
1.  Covington’s Molkara Crystal Rose With Silverdust JW ShCM
2.  Flower’s Totenkopf Dutch Brocade
3.  Cory and Brown’s Lujesa Heaven Sent
4.  Young’s Canyonn Classic Destiny

Solid Open Bitch (1)
1.  Bentley’s Canigou Lock On The Rocks

Any Other Colour Bitch

AOC Puppy Bitch (7,1)
1.  Driver’s Courtmaster Songbird at Beckaby
2.  Jaramillo’s Conabec Cookies And Cream
3.  Buck’s Clavaire la Travitia
4.  Lill’s Rosebercon Skylantern
5.  Babester’s Kalispell Bea Unique

AOC Novice Bitch (5,2)
1.  Hackett’s Lindridge Cupcake (RCC)
2.  Mitchell’s Glowhill Miss Saigon
3.  Gregory’s Olibond As Time Goes By At Glasfryn

AOC Open Bitch (5,2)
1.  Whitehead’s Carmwen’s Tri My Best For Ryallcourt (CC, RBIS, BOS)
2.  Collins’ Sh Ch Candyke Lady Oh JW
3.  Reid’s Shanaz Thistle

Any Colour Bitch

Veteran Bitch (7,2)
1.  Needham’s Merryhaze Martini
2.  Forfar’s Glasedin Golden Delicious
3.  Kettle’s Sh Ch Lujesa Touch The sky JW
4.  Driver’s Springstein Stars Delight At Beckaby
5.  Wheatley’s Wilmerella Wave Dancer At Melandroy

Minor Puppy Bitch (13,2)
1.  Roberts and Smith’s Rayol Circus Time
2.  Lill’s Rosebercon Cinnamon Twist
3.  Jaramillo’s Conabec Cookies And Cream
4.  Share-Jones Sharemead Special Blend
5.  Hartley’s Rojoys Take It Easy

Puppy Bitch (10,3)
1.  Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Grace
2.  Needham’s Merryhaze that’s Jazz
3.  Thomas’ Claramand A Gift Of Gold
4.  Share-Jones Sharemead Special Blend
5.  Walsh’s Blueacres Heartstring

Junior Bitch (11,3)
1.  Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Painted Lace
2. Maclean’s Lynwater Butter Fudge
3.  Robinson’s Molkara Anastasia With Jozelah
4.  Gladman’s Chativore Cascade
5.  Reader’s Kaniboo I’m A Dreamer

Yearling Bitch (6,3)
1.  Morris’ Riondel Moonlight Cocktail
2.  Corcorran’s Sheigra Twinkling Star At Troverothway
3. Lee and hall’s Evaremoc Going For Gold
4.  Needham’s Merryhaze Marguerita Time
5.  Simpson’s Evaremoc Dark Diamond

Maiden Bitch (1)
1.  Whitings’s Annilan Miss Is Zippy
2.  Gregory’s Olibond As Time Goes By At Glasfryn
3.  Farebrother’s Claramand Black Angel At Lilyvale

Tyro Bitch (1)
1.  Palmer’s Glentree Shakadi Robraine
2.  Brown and Cory’s Lujesa Heaven Sent
3.  Needham’s Merryhaze Marguerita Time
4.  Pickford’s Swanmarch Happy Feet

Undergraduate Bitch (3)
1.  Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Painted Lace
2. Reed’s Reemif Ice Ice Baby
3. Trethewey’s Penbuff Star Dancer
4. Reader’s Asquanne Genial At Kaniboo
5. Simpson’s Evaremoc Dark Diamond

Graduate bitch (0)
No entries
Post Graduate Bitch (11,2)
1.  Robertson’s Kastrian Eternity
2.  Pearce’s Miska Razzle Dazzle
3.  Roberts and Smith’s Rayol Firebird
4.  Whiting’s Annilan Miss Shone
5.  Meaker’s Meakwood Sweet Melody

Mid Limit Bitch (7,2)
1.  Thomas’ Claramand Arrifana Tantootsis
2.  Reid’s Shanaz Oaty
3.  Williams Wilmerella Twist Of Fate
4.  Reed’s Reemif Blue Reflection JW ShCM
5.  Covington’s Molkara Crystal Rose With Silverdust JW ShCM
Limit Bitch (9,2)
1.  Whiteley’s Snowgate Parti On
2.  Young’s Canyonn Classic harmony
3.  Holmes’ Kenan Krumpet
4.  Lee and Hall’s Evaremoc Going For Gold
5.  Varnam’s Shanaudvarn Lady Winnie
Open Bitch (3,1)
1.  Kettle’s Lujesa Starry Eyed JW
2.  Whiting’s Annilan Miss Shone
3.  Barnes’ Challowdown Bluebrie
4. Lee and Hall’s Evaremoc Going For Gold
5. Varnam’s Shanaudvarn Lady Winnie

Please note repeat entries have been omitted from the numbers given for each class.  The first number in brackets is the number of NEW dogs entered in the class and the second number is the number of NEW dogs absent.

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