Open Show February 2012

Judge Mrs Sally Leeding (Floroyal)

bis lineup feb 2012
L-R BIS Pat Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Moloh,
RBIS Michèle Lockwood’s Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood
BPIS Mick Bond’s Olibond Remember Me,

RBPIS Jacky Rowland’s Perrytree Toffee Crisp,
BVIS Yvonne Donnellan’s Gardenstone Starlight JW
bis feb 2012
L-R Ryallcourt Moloh (BIS), Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood (RBIS)
bpis feb 2012
L-R Olibond Remember Me (BPIS), Perrytree Toffee Crisp (RBPIS)

All photos copyright Jimmy Wyatt

Minor Puppy Dog (5,1)
1 Bond’s Olibond Remember Me.
2 Murray’s Worlewood Moving On Up.
3 Thomas’ Claramand Illusion.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,2)
1 Bequet and Darby’s Calvadale Diomedea Dargess
2 Gregory’s Glasfryn Angelina.
3 Tochy and Whitman’s Arrafine Athena.

Puppy Dog (4,2)
1 Pearce Gudger’s Pearkim Pumpkinpie.
2 Shapland’s Deracor Dire Straits.

Puppy Bitch (4)
1 Shapland’s Deracor Destiny’s Child.
2 Mace’s Lynwater Hazel Nut.
3 Thomas’ Claramand April Fool.

1 Rowland’s Perrytree Toffee Crisp.
2 Thomas’ Claramand Apollo

AOC Puppy (3,2)
1 Ray’s Jardinisle Happy Times

1 Young’s Canyonn Classic Illusion.
2 Thomas’ Claramand So La-de-da.

AC Novice(3)
1 Buck’s Clavaire Silver Lining.
2 Driver’s Beckaby Careless Whisper

Veteran D/B
1 Donnellan’s Gardenstone Starlight

Junior Dog (4,1)
1 Canyonn Classic Illusion.
2 Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Wind Chime
3 Gain’s Molkara Magician.

Junior Bitch (2)
1 Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Moloh
2 Young’s Canyonn Classic Harmony

Maiden D/B (3)
1 Kettle’s Lujesa Starry Eyed
2 Young’s Canyonn Classic Harmony.
3 Edgington’s Falconer’s Mayfly of Ware

Novice D/B (2)
1 Thomas’ Claramand So La-de-da.
2 Beckaby Careless Whisper.

Graduate D/B (9,4)
1 Mole’s Shirlannor Keyhole Kate
2 Cunane’s Winterstale Waterloo

Post Graduate D/B (3)
1 Shapland’s Deracor Dark Legend
2 Mace’s Fonesse Fforbes
3 Pearce-Gudger’s Pearkim Peripeteia.

Sp Triers D/B (6,2)
1 Beckaby’s Lunar Shadow
2 Corcoran’s Troverothway Bobby Sox.

Bred By Exhibitor D/B (3)
1 Ryallcourt Wind Chime.
2 Domneva Delphi.

Open Bitch (3)
1 Lockwood’s Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood
2 Thomas’ Afterlife Angel in Disguise at Claramand
3 Tochy and Whitham’s Claramand on Ice with Arrafina.

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