February Open Show 2022

Saturday 5 February 2022

Judge: Anne Sutton (Shirepark)

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – Any Colour (3,1)
1st  Rayol Back in the Blue
2nd  Oktumi Mischief Maker

Class 2 – Minor Puppy Bitch – Any Colour (1,0)
1st  Eastfalla Elessia

Class 3 – Puppy Dog – Any Colour (2,1)
1st  Kenwad Black Grouse at Miska

Class 4 – Puppy Bitch – Any Colour – No entries

Class 5 – Special Puppy – Any Solid Colour (2,0)
1st  Claramand’s The Maverick
2nd  La Scales Berlin with Chazbaz (ImpHun)

Class 6 – Special Puppy – Any Particolour (1,0)
1st   Rayol Back in the Blue

Class 7 – Veteran – Any Colour (4,0)
1st  Sh Ch Gardenstone Pale Rider to Suvern JW
2nd  Cassom Sky Rocket at Candyke JW
3rd  Jayzander Hermes with Crimicar
Res  Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill

Class 8 – Junior – Any Colour (7,1)
1st  Glowhill Sweet Magnolia
2nd Claramand Cracker
3rd  Penmartan Bright Knight
Res  Plaiglen Coffdrop
VHC Jeaniduns Lupine

Class 9 – Yearling – Any Colour (3,0)
1st  Penartan Wilberry
2nd Crimicar Indigo Magic
3rd  Brackenjack Bit of Allsorts at Beckaby

Class 10 – Novice – Any Colour (4,1)
1st Plaiglen Mangochilli
2nd Bartonholm Prince of Tides at Candyke
3rd Triplet Queen of Queens

Class 11 – Undergraduate – Any Colour (6,4)
1st  Bartonholm Prince of Tides at Candyke
2nd Stobytill She Bangs

Class 12 – Graduate – Any Colour (2,0)
1st Claramand Cracker
2nd Bartonholm Prince of Tides at Candyke

Class 13 – Postgraduate – Any Colour (4,0)
1st Sheigra Simply a Star JW
2nd Crimicar Dream Lover
3rd Stobytill After the Storm
Res Villaspaniol Sunny Delight

Class 14 – Special Tryers (Owners/Handlers/Exhibit not having won a CC in the breed) (3,0)
1st La Scales Berlin with Chazbaz (ImpHun)
2nd Crimicar Indigo Magic
3rd Annilann Miss Magicstar at Beckaby

Class 15 – Bred by Exhibitor (4,1)
1st Sheigra Super Special JW
2nd Princehill Shining Star JW
3rd Plaiglen Coffdrop

Class 16 – Not Bred by Exhibitor (2,0)
1st Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby JW
2nd Villaspaniol Sunny Delight

Class 17 – Open Dog – Any Colour (2,0)
1st  Annilann Mister Allsorts JW
2nd Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo ShCM ShCEx

Class 18 – Open Bitch – Any Colour (5,0)
1st Canyonn Could it be Magic
2nd Stobytill Hippy Hippy Shake JW
3rd Glowhill Silver Sleighbells at Classicway
Res Sheigra Stars in Her Eyes JW OSW ShCEx
VHC Crimicar Just a Dream

Special Awards – Judge: Becky Collier (Pepperbox)

Class A  Special Puppy Award D/B (3,0)
1st  Oktumi Mischief Maker
2nd La Scales Berlin with Chazbaz (ImpHun)
3rd Eastfalla Elessia

Class B  Special Postgraduate Award D/B (5,0)
1st  Sheigra Simply a Star JW
2nd Triplet Queen of Queens
3rd Stobytill After the Storm
Res Crimicar Dream Lover
VHC Princehill Shining Star JW

Class C  Special Open Award D/B (3,0)
1st Crimicar Just a Dream
2nd Sheigra Stars in her Eyes JW OBW ShCEx
3rd Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo ShCM ChCEx

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