Open Show 2020

Saturday 1 February 2020

Judge: Paula Carey (Of Ware & Falconers)

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – Any Colour (5,0)
1st  Izznberr Ore Asset
2nd Kasordon Firestarter
3rd  Clydesian Elderado
Res Charmwen White Knight
VHC Zakova My Guy

Class 2 – Minor Puppy Bitch – Any Colour (2,0)
1st Cassom Betty Rizzo
2nd  Chavez Royal Saffron

Class 3 – Puppy Dog – Any Colour (2,1)
1st Uxendel Rather Dashing TAF

Class 4 – Puppy Bitch – Any Colour (1,0)
1st  Chavez Royal Image

Class 5 – Special Puppy – Any Solid Colour (6,2)
1st Izznberr Ore Asset
2nd Kasordon Firestarter
3rd Galibar Over To You with Newcheshire
Res Zakova Azzario

Class 6 – Special Puppy – Any Particolour (0 entries)

Class 7 – Veteran Dog – Any Colour (5,0)
1st Sh Ch Int/Bel.Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW ShCM CW12 EW16 BELBW16
2nd Sheigra Starstruck JW VW
3rd Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck ShCM VW
Res Alisma Anton
VHC Wilmerella Keep Dancing with Melandroy

Class 8 – Veteran Bitch – Any Colour (6,0)
1st Sheigra Shining Star JW ShCM
2nd Merryhaze That’s Jazz
3rd Carmelfair Tarrarrah at Stobytill
Res Molkara Vuvuzela ShCM
VHC Glowhill Bella Marie at Sanmatayo

Class 9 – Junior – Any Colour (9,1)
1st Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby
2nd Ryallcourt Minnehaha
3rd Kyna Toyah Battersby
Res Glowhill Silver Sleighbells at Classicway
VHC Lujesa Living The Dream

Class 10 – Novice – Any Colour (5,0)
1st Rayol The Editor
2nd Glowhill Snowball
3rd Troverothway Vanity Fair
Res Glowhill Silver Sleighbells at Classicway
VHC Amaroanne Aphrodite at Melandroy

Class 11– Undergraduate – Any Colour (9,2)
1st Annilann Miss Magicstar at Beckaby
2nd Amaroanne Aphrodite at Melandroy
3rd Oakrosa Raffe
Res Sandlauga Infernal
VHC Kerriglow Dream Again for Quattrozampe

Class 12 – Graduate – Any Colour (6,2)
1st Annilann Miss Magicstar at Beckaby
2nd Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe
3rd Chavez Over The Moon
Res Princehill Shining Star
VHC Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck

Class 13 – Postgraduate – Any Colour (5,1)
1st Sheigra Simply A Star JW
2nd Rayol Night Shadow
3rd Challowdown Loopy Lou with Genavieve
Res Canyonn Could It Be Magic

Class 14 – Special Tryers (Owerns/Handlers/Exhibit not having won a CC in the breed) (7,0)
1st Kalispell Kisim Kelpie
2nd Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby
3rd Glowhill Spicks and Specks at SanMatayo
Res Clydesian Ruby Tuesday
VHC Oakrosa Raffe

Class 15 – Bred by Exhibitor (8,1)
1st Stobytill Shake Ya booty
2nd Sunzo Songstar
3rd Glowhill Spicks and Specks at SanMatayo
Res Glowhill Eastern Promise
VHC Troverothway Water Colour

Class 16 – Not Bred by Exhibitor (3,0)
1st Snowgate Gold Edition at Merryhaze
2nd Bartonholm Bacetta at Glasedin
3rd Oakrosa Raffe

Class 17 – Open Dog – Any Colour (3,2)
1st Kalispell Beaspoke

Class 18 – Open Bitch – Any Colour (5,1)
1st Stobytill Hippy Hippy Shake JW
2nd Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill
3rd Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW
Res Lynshow Kayla

Special Awards
Judge: Jennie Tracz (Acregate)

Class A  Special Puppy Award D/B (4,2)
1st Izznberr Ore Asset
2nd Clydesian Elderado

Class B  Special Postgraduate Award D/B (11,3)
1st Sheigra Simply a Star JW
2nd Lujesa Daydream Believer
3rd Canyonn Could It Be Magic
Res Kalispell Kismi Kelpie
VHC Sunzo Songstar

Class C  Special Open Award D/B (4,1)
1st Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW
2nd Sandlauga Soul Man
3rd Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill

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