Working Cockers

Cocker Spaniels are medium sized dogs descended from spaniels used to flush game for the gun. Over the years two distinct types have evolved – the show/pet type which closely conforms to the current Kennel Club breed standard and a working type which has been bred purely for working ability. The latter can vary in size and have less profuse coat and shorter ears.

working cocker
photo copyright Paul Rawlings

Cockers come in a wide range of colours which adds to their popularity but the recent vogue for solid liver has meant that some working type cockers have been used to introduce the colour into show/pet stock.
Working type cockers can make good family pets provided their highly tuned working ability is channelled in the right direction. They easily become bored and fractious without the correct stimulation and training.
The Cocker Spaniel Club and The London Cocker Spaniel Club both have field trial sections for working cocker owners and they are a good starting point for anyone looking for information about this strain of the breed.

The Cocker Spaniel Club Field Trial Sub-Committee – Secretary Lyn Randall Tel: 01425 673661.

The London Working Spaniel Society

Click HERE for a downloadable factsheet about WORKING COCKERS (pdf file)
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